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Our Ristorante Tignano is the right place to enjoy good vegetarian cuisine

Your gaze wanders over the untouched nature, over unforgettable sunsets and waits for the night to begin, as it so often does, with a starry sky. In our holistic concept of hospitality, food must not be missing: That is why our cuisine is closely linked to the area and its products. Health also means knowing the resources of nature that surround us and using them with love. So you can taste our extra virgin certified organic olive oil together with our freshly baked bread in our restaurant, while you have our olive groves and spelt fields in view.

Indulge in delicious Mediterranean dishes prepared for you by our experienced chefs using fresh, regional ingredients in our vegetarian restaurant. From crispy salads and hearty pasta specialties to creative vegetable variations that are not only vegetarian, but also healthy and full of flavor – you’ll find a variety of taste experiences here.

We attach great importance to regional and organic ingredients. You will be able to taste the homemade bread made from ancient flours, the cakes and cookies with a uniquely good taste. There is a bar in the restaurant where you can enjoy excellent aperitifs and wines as well as barista coffee, teas and other drinks. Ristorante Tignano also has a beautiful, large panoramic terrace, which can be electrically covered depending on the weather, where you can enjoy your meal outdoors, whether it’s a social gathering with friends or a romantic dinner for two: The lovingly prepared dishes nourish your body and the beautiful landscape that surrounds Borgo Tignano nourishes your soul!